Izzat ka Falooda


  • May 08, 2014
  • Series
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Rohit Verma (Manish Goel) comes to Mumbai, the city of dreams. His dream is to become a big movie star but fate wills otherwise, and he is robbed of all his belongings. But Ram Kali, a eunuch, enters his life like a blessing. Ram Kali offers him shelter and looks after him. Rohit is not able to achieve any success in entering the film industry, so Ram Kali requests a director to give Rohit a break in his film. However, Rohit is not aware that Ram Kali has recommended his name. Lady Luck smiles at Rohit, and he turns into a popular star. However, he soon forgets Ram Kali. An ailing Ram Kali longs to meet Rohit but Rohit isn t bothered. One day, Rohit gets stuck in a traffic jam and learns from his driver that a eunuch is dead. Rohit curses. The director gets angry and reveals to Rohit that Ram Kali was the person responsible for his success. Will Rohit s conscience waken at least now?

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