Ganpati Bappa Morya
Number Please


  • June 06, 2014
  • Series
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Yaadein is a story about an old couple (Satyan Kappu and Savita Prabhune) who have a young son Arjun (Rajiv Paul). They get him married to a rich but homely girl Manisha (Sonam Malhotra) who loves and respects Arjun s parents. But unfortunately within a very short span of time, Arjun meets with a fatal accident. Manisha wishes to continue staying with Arjun s parents, but thinking about her future, Arjun s parents decide to get her married. Manisha s father (Shishir Sharma) gets her married to a rich man s (Anant Jog) son. Arjun s old and lonely parents live with old memories. Once, on Arjun s death anniversary they wish to make some charity to the poor through Manisha. When they go to Manisha s home, her father in law refuses to let them meet her. After failed attempts to convince him, Arjun s parents request him to allow them to meet Manisha and her new born child just once and bless them. But the father in law strictly refuses. Will the old couple return disappointed or will their modest desire get fulfilled?

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