Ek Aasman Mera Bhi…

Ward No. 6

  • June 25, 2014
  • Series
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This story Ward Number 6 is about Rajat (Kay Kay) who is a gold medalist in psychiatric medicine. He comes to a small town from Mumbai and stays as a paying guest with an old lady (Meenakshi Thakur). Unlike other doctors in the hospital, he is a doctor with modern ideas who believes that mental patients can be cured too. He comes across a patient named Bhusan, who does not seem mentally ill, but just has a different thought process. Kay Kay takes extra efforts to try and cure him. But all his hard work is severely criticised by his colleagues, even by their senior doctor (Sushil Parashar). Will Kay Kay ever succeed in curing Bhushan or will he succumb to the pressure of his seniors and colleagues?!

1 Comment