Ab koi gam nahi…


  • June 10, 2014
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Vachan is a story about sacrifice and old beliefs. Shiru (Mansi Roy Joshi) is a child widow staying at Yagya s (Jatin Sial) house right from her childhood. Yagya and Shiru love each other but are unable to marry, as widow remarriage was considered taboo in those times. Yagya s family pressurises him to get married. When Shiru compels Yagya to get married, he gives in. His friend Vipin (Ashish Roy Basu) gives him an idea. He asks Yagya to marry a simple girl who would never interfere in his life. So Yagya marries an uneducated orphan girl Putul (Jaya Bhattacharya). Yagya shows no interest in her and within a few days lies to her that there is a fault in her horoscope and if they live together, she ll be a widow within two months. So Putul lives with Yagya s aunt for several months. Unaware of Yagya s plot, Shiru forces him to bring Putul back. Upon her return, Shiru comes to know of Yagya s deceit and she commits suicide.

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