Qataar mein


  • June 29, 2014
  • Series
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The episode Uljhan is a story about Lalaji (Rajendra Gupta) who is a lawyer by profession and has a dutiful wife Mangala (Shama Deshpande). Mangala s young step sister Binni (Neha Pendse) has been living with Mangala and Lalaji from her childhood. They treat her like their own daughter. As Binni grows up Lalaji and Mangala begin to prepare for her marriage. But Mangala suddenly meets with a domestic accident and dies. Before breathing her last, she takes a promise from her husband that he would continue to treat Binni as his daughter and get her married with great pomp. But Lalaji begins to feel the lack of a woman in his life. Meanwhile a money lender Munshi (Paintal) who has married thrice, brainwashes Lalaji into marrying Binni. Does Lalaji really marry Binni? Does he forget the promise he made to his late wife?

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