Poorab aur paschim
Poorab aur Pashchim
Izzat ka Falooda

Top floor se ground floor tak

  • May 06, 2014
  • Series
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Ravi Bhatnagar (Ritu Raj) is a married man working in a bank and is to meet Anu (Sweta Keswani). Anu is pregnant and tells Ravi that she will not abort the child. Ravi and Anu meet are not able to fathom who the old man with them was, on Saturday night. Both recall that fateful night. Ravi s wife, Aditi, nags him about forgetting to pick her from the bank as they had to attend a wedding, so Ravi rushes to the bank. Roshan (Murli Sharma) is instructed by his accomplices to loot a bank. Anu is pregnant with her boyfriend Rahul s baby and he asks her to abort it. Anu goes to a nursing home to abort it. Sakshi (Kuljeet Randhawa) wants to go to Tina Films office. Ravi, Roshan, Sakshi and Anu enter the lift of the 32 storeyed commercial building. Just when the door is about to shut, an elderly man (Tom Alter) enters. The elevator breaks down after a while, and all five of them get trapped. Matters worsen when two cables of the elevator get snapped and remains suspended with the remaining two cables. While they are near the jaws of death, the elder man tells each of them their shortcomings and makes them realise their follies. Who is this elder man getting philosophical with them? And, will they be able to escape out alive?

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