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Apne Paraye


  • June 14, 2014
  • Series
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Tohfa is an interesting story about an ultra modern lady Moira (Iravati Harshe) who has many vices and lives life on her own terms. Moira is the wife of a rich businessman Ranbeer (Arif Zakaria). Moira would lie to her husband and under the pretext of meeting an old aunt, would go once every month to meet her boyfriend Siddharth (Dipen Vartak). When Siddharth proposes marriage to her, she decides to leave him. Before parting, Siddharth gifts an expensive gold necklace to her. Just to avoid complications, she mortgages it with a jeweller. On returning home, she lies to Ranbeer that her aunt has died and has left a gold necklace for her with the jeweler. Ranbeer says he would pick it up on his way to work. Later that day she eagerly goes to the office to collect the necklace. When Ranbeer presents the necklace to her, she is stunned to see a different and simpler necklace instead. But she gets a bigger shock when she sees Ranbeer s secretary wearing Siddharth s necklace. Will she bear the deceit silently?

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