Pyar Hai
Pyar hai

The Lucky Teddy Bear

  • May 15, 2014
  • Series
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The Lucky Teddy Bear is a story about a little girl Sharon who goes through an emotional turmoil when she faces humiliation from other children of her age. Sharon s mother (Sucheta Pawse) is a widow but tries to give a decent lifestyle to her only daughter. She sends Sharon to an expensive school where children from rich families come to study. Children at school make fun of her due to her financial status. Sharon feels disturbed and wants to find a way to make friends. She decides to organize a party for her school mates on the occasion of her birthday. She eagerly invites her classmates, but is highly disappointed when no one turns up. However, Sharon is surprised when her grandma (Anita Kanwal) comes from Goa. Her grandma gives her a special gift, a magical teddy bear. Sharon s grandma tells her that the teddy bear will help her fulfill her wishes if she keeps faith that all her dreams will come true and if she makes a little extra effort. And Sharon s dreams indeed begin to come true. Is grandma s teddy bear really magical?

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