Badalte Rishtey


  • July 05, 2014
  • Series
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Meeta (Sonam Malhotra) works for a TV channel and she finds a scoop when an upcoming singer Pallavi Gupta accuses Arunab (Sachin Khedekar) of making sexual advances towards her in the past. Arunab s silence further strengthens Meeta s belief. However, she realises her blunder when a news item mentions that Pallavi was out of town on the said date. She apologises to Arunab and learns that he was an orphan who was given a new life when he was 8 years old by Baba (Rajiv Verma), and that the present house he s living in is his most precious possession. Arunab grows up to be a renowned ghazal singer. Meeta tells him that, ironically, she was orphaned when she was 8. Meeta and Arunab meet frequently and fall in love. One day, a lawyer summons her to inform that her maternal grandfather has willed his bungalow and money in her name. She realises that the bungalow is none other than the house where Arunab is living in. Is this issue going to be a bone of contention in their relationship?

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