Baat ek Raat ki
No Mom!

Subah ki Dhoop

  • July 10, 2014
  • Series
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Snigdha (Mona Ambegaonkar) is a good actress but has been jobless from 2 months. With her unable to foot her mother s mounting medical expenses, her friend, Prashant, offers her a 2 month contract of being the wife of DK (Pawan Malhotra) for a sum of Rs. 100,000/-. Snigdha takes up the offer. She tries her best to get DK into the outside world, to make him laugh. In the process, she finds herself in love with him. However, she receives a cheque from DK a week before the termination of her contract. Furious that he left without even saying goodbye, Snigdha goes to Prashant to ask why. And Prashant discloses that DK is terminally ill. Will Snigdha make one final attempt to meet DK?

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