Ankahe Ehsaas


  • July 23, 2014
  • Series
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Pinaki Ghosh is an unemployed post-graduate. His entire day is spent wiling away time with the rich, useless boys in his colony. Despite his mother repeatedly pleading with him to get any job, Pinaki does not heed her. There s a little boy named Mohit who runs errands for Pinaki. His father, Mr. Gupta, (Anant Mahadevan) is very indebted to Pinaki s family as it Dr. Ghosh, Pinaki s father, who had saved Mohit s life when he was ill. Mr. Gupta suggests to Pinaki to teach Mohit for an hour everyday, and Pinaki s mother immediately agrees. Pinaki, however, is not happy but relents. Mohit and Pinkai do anything but study. Mohit fails in his examinations, and Pinaki then realises that knowledge must be spread. He turns stern with Mohit and even starts studying for his Civil Services exams too. Are Pinaki and Mohit going to pass their exams with flying colours?

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