Ishq Hua! Kaise Hua!
Itni choti baat, Itni lambi raat


  • August 20, 2014
  • Series
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Shyamli (Pallavi Joshi), a journalist, has always been scorned at because of her dark complexion. Her sister Gauri is fair, so her father (Benjamin Gilani) and she mock at Shyamli’s skin colour all the time. However, for Satyen, who s a photographer in the same organisation, Shyamli is the most beautiful woman. She is working on an article about how the world loves only good looking people. As always, Satyen promises to assist her in her work but on one condition that she agrees to marry him once it s over. Meanwhile, even Gauri has her eyes on Satyen and forces him to have a photo shoot with her. She even manages to charm Satyen’s mother and gets married to him the same instant. Shyamli’s father is furious with Gauri and when he’s about to blurt the truth to Gauri, Shyamli stops him. What is this truth about Gauri which Shymali does not want her to know?

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