Kya khoya kya paaya
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  • May 25, 2014
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Professor R. R. Sinha (Arun Bali) is a man of principles. Despite being a topper, his daughter Swasti (Juhi Parmar) does not succeed getting a job. She feels disappointed that her father does not use his influence to get her a job. One day, after dropping Swasti for an interview, he bumps into Jeevan (Amit Behl), an old student of his. He realises that Jeevan is the owner of the same company for whose interview Swasti has gone. However, Sinha does not say a word. Jeevan gets a phone call then about a contract and he asks his colleague to bribe the officials. Sinha advises him to tread on the correct path. Meanwhile, Sinha s wife accuses her husband of being selfish and unconcerned about Swasti. Jeevan is informed later about having won the contract. Swasti eventually gets a job in Jeevan s company on her own merit, and when he sees her resume, he asks her to take her home. Jeevan expresses his gratitude to Sinha for making him the man he is.

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