Grace and Glory

Shikha banegi Dulhan

  • June 01, 2014
  • Series
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Shikha is raised by her stern father in such a way that only his word has been deemed final every time. She is asked to go to Mumbai with his friend, Ravi Malhotra (Rajendra Gupta) to see a boy named Karan. Shikha is amazed at the bond of love that exists between Ravi and his family. She later confides to Ravi s daughter, Aditi, that she is terrified of getting married but lacks the guts to say the same to her father. However, Ravi convinces her to at least meet Karan. The two go to a restaurant but Shikha speaks only a few words with Karan. Karan has no choice but to reject the proposal. Ravi informs Shikha s father about it, who orders him to send Shikha back home. Shikha breaks down and tells Ravi s children how her father has always terrorised her family and her. Ravi goes to Indore and scolds Shikha s father for never smiling or letting his children smile! For always ruling over them with an iron hand! Meanwhile, Aditi urges Shikha to meet Karan again. This time, Shikha and Karan hit off very well. Shikha s family reaches Mumbai to Ravi s house. An elated Shikha returns to Ravi s house and is shocked to see her father. What fate awaits her?

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