Daisy – The Dog
I Love you Papa


  • August 01, 2014
  • Series
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Mr. Samant (Benjamin Gilani) brings his son, Rohit, to a drug rehabilitation centre so that he s cured of his addiction. Here, Rohit meets a very young boy, Dakan, a street urchin who is also a drug addict like him. They become thick friends. But they can’t give up drugs and supplying their quota is the nurse in the centre. However, with Tanya, a girl next door, entering Rohit s life, things change. Rohit asks Dakan to quit taking drugs because he is so young but Dakan tells him that he will do so, provided Rohit also gives up. Meanwhile, a bond of attraction grows between Rohit and Tanya. She senses this and leaves the town without informing Rohit and Dakan. Rohit is totally dejected. Will this despair drive Rohit back to drugs?

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