Phir ek baar

Qataar mein

  • June 30, 2014
  • Series
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This episode of Rishtey is a touching story of five retired friends. The protagonist Pappu (Parikshit Sahani) is the only bachelor among them. He has a faithful servant, fondly called Mama (Virendra Saxena) for company. The other four friends are Salim (Arun Bali), Billu (Sushil Parashar), Ajay (Ajit Mehra) and Mithu (Yashodhan Bal). All of them would meet every once in a while for a game of cards and wine. All was well until Mithu meets with a sudden death. This upsets Pappu and he becomes very gloomy. Just when things were getting back to normalcy, Salim suffers from a heart attack and he too passes away. This really shatters Pappu since his friends were the world for him. He loses interest in everything and gets into severe depression. This is when his servant Mama makes him realize that life shouldn t come to a standstill when a person departs. Life is about moving on.

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