Subah ki Dhoop
Ek tha Anshu….

No Mom!

  • July 11, 2014
  • Series
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Julia (Preeti Dayal) treats Roy (Vishal Malhotra) like a child and is over-protective about him. However, he enrolls in an Arts college on the sly and gets admission there. Fearing how his mother will react, Roy is surprised when she starts worrying about his shopping. Having tasted freedom at last, Roy is very happy to be away from home. But he is surprised when he suddenly finds Julia in his cottage with his friends. Seeing her mingle with them so easily makes Roy very upset. And at the party, he gives vent to his suppressed feelings and tells Julia how he has always hated her for trying to rule his life at every juncture. How is Julia going to react to this outburst?

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