Bheegey Pal

Naya Vivah

  • July 29, 2014
  • Series
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Leelavati (Seema Bhargav) is ailing but her husband Dangamal (Sri Vallabh Vyas) doesn t spend much time with her. All Leelavati longs for is to have her husband by her side but he brushes her aside every time saying she is too old to ask for romance. His cook also goes away to his native place because his wife is ailing. One day, after visiting a courtesan, when Dangamal returns home, he finds Leelavati dead. He is shattered. The cook s grandson, Jugal, comes to Dangamal s doorstep to tend to him but Dangamal shoos him away. Dangamal s friends urge him to remarry and even suggest a young girl, Asha (Smita Bansal), for him. When she marries him, he asks Jugal to come back as a cook as he doesn t want Asha to do any work. Being of the same age, Jugal and Asha share a very amicable relationship, and jealousy consumes Dangamal. Is this relationship going to destroy Dangamal s new marriage?

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