Dil Se… Lekin?


  • August 23, 2014
  • Series
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Inspector Vivek Gupta (Vikram Gokhale) working with the Police Force is a man of high scruples. A year away from retirement, he is given orders by his senior to arrest the murderer, Neelkant Sawant, who has been absconding for 6 months after murdering the renowned but amoral businessman Laxmanrai. Gupta reaches Neelkant s village and arrests him. While waiting for their train, Neelkant tells him he does not regret murdering Laxmanrai as he had killed many labourers by exploiting them. Even Gupta fosters feelings of hatred for Laxmanrai because his younger brother and nephew had lost their lives due to Laxmanrai s atrocities. Realising that Neelkant is indeed a good man otherwise, he asks him to escape and start life afresh. Will Neelkant heed him? What about Inspector Gupta s famed principles?

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