• June 28, 2014
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The episode Mili is a sweet story about how relations of the heart can prove to be greater than blood relations. Raju commonly addressed as Chaddi is a poor, orphan boy who earns his living by singing songs in trains. He is very attached to Rafique, an elderly food stall owner at a railway station, who he calls Uncle . Rafique always gives him food and good advice. One day he finds a little girl smiling at him and following him. Initially Chaddi gets irritated but finally accepts her as his little sister. He even names her `Mili . He grows extremely fond of her and dreams of making her a lawyer. He also gets her an admission in a school with the help of Rafiq. But the school has a hostel, so Chaddi has to part from her. He accepts the reality with a heavy heart, but is unable to get her out of his mind. Soon he comes to know that an Australian couple wants to adopt her. He is completely flabbergasted at the thought of losing her forever. But when he thinks from a broader prospective about the bright future that Mili would have, he feels happy to let go of her.

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