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Mere Papa

  • May 29, 2014
  • Series
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Tina lives in a hostel and refuses to accept any gifts from Mona, her mother, because she is a bar dancer and that s why Tina hates her. She gets upset whenever her friends taunt her about not having a father. Tina meets Mona and asks her who her father is. Mona says that she would not want him to get maligned because he has a family of his own, so she refuses to reveal his name. Meanwhile, in order to show off to her friends, Tina lies that her father will celebrate her birthday with her. On Tina s birthday, her friends decide to follow her, so a worried Tina walks into a restaurant and sits with a stranger named Sanjeev Saxena (Shishir Sharma). She requests him to pretend to be her father and narrates her dilemma to him. Her friends are shocked when Sanjeev invites them to celebrate Tina s birthday. The father-daughter bond between Tina and him strengthens, and Sanjeev tells her one day that he wants to adopt her. When she mentions about her mother to him, he says that he wants not just a daughter but a wife as well. However, is Mona going to give her consent to the relationship?

1 Comment
  • rue • March 14, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    Incomplete episode.