Life is beautiful

  • June 18, 2014
  • Series
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The story Life is beautiful is a sweet little story of Bhairavi Chauhan (Suchitra Pillai) who is an arrogant business lady. She is a divorcee and always throws her weight around. She has a maid (Pratima Kazmi) at home who looks after all her needs. And the only other person in her life is Gautam (Girish Mallik) who really cares for her and adores her. One day the maid has a little guest over, for a few days. The guest is a little girl Anupama (Tanvee Hegde) who is an orphan. She is very naughty and restless. Initially Bhairavi gets irritated even at the sight of the girl but gradually develops a great liking for her. She even begins to look at life from a different perspective. Will she even begin to reciprocate to Gautam s feelings?

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