Phir ek baar
Jhoota Sach

Kuch Pal

  • July 02, 2014
  • Series
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Sheetal (Candida Fernandes) and her four friends go for an outing but their vehicle breaks down. A housekeeper, Khadke, offers them his master s bungalow for a nominal charge. But the owner, Anil Chaudhary (Atul Agnihotri) turns up unexpectedly. He tries to throw them out of the house but Sheetal refuses, saying they have paid for the house. He reluctantly agrees to let them stay. Sheetal tries to make Anil a less serious person than he is. They spend time together and both can sense undercurrents between them. On his birthday, Sheetal and her friends give him a surprise party. However, Preeti turns up there, and everyone s surprised when Anil introduces her to them as his fianc e. Sheetal and her friends leave his place the next day. Will Anil marry Preeti, or will he tell Sheetal about his feelings for her?

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