Kuch Kuch Dil Mein

  • June 24, 2014
  • Series
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The story `Kuch Kuch Dil Mein is a story of love. Sanjay falls in love with Shirley (Sandhali Sinha) who is his best friend Mario s (Ajay Gehi) sister. They begin to like and love each other. But Shirley is suffering from cancer, which Sanjay is not aware of. He fondly considers Shirley his angel. When Sanjay proposes to Shirley for marriage, she reveals to him about her incurable disease. He is devastated and unintentionally utters harsh words to her. He spends a sleepless night and repents for his behaviour. When he reaches Shirley s house to apologise the next day, he is in for a shock!!!

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