Mere Papa

Khel Khel Mein

  • May 28, 2014
  • Series
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Dr. Abhay Verma (Sumeet Raghavan) has a very serious temperament. Gonsales, his compounder, often tries to make light of matters but in vain. Then, Maria, a fun loving girl and a prankster, comes to his clinic complaining of severe pain. Abhay and Gonsales realise later that she was only playing a prank because of a bet laid with her friend to fool Abhay on April 1. On returning home, Abhay gets nostalgic about his conversation with his former girlfriend, Shivani. About how she used to lovingly call him a fool because his birthday too fell on April 1. Meanwhile, Maria continues to play pranks on Abhay regularly for almost a year, and leaves him exasperated every time. Maria gives Gonsales a lift in her car one day and drops him to Abhay s home. She is shocked to see photographs of a girl. Gonsales tells her that Abhay used to love Shivani very much but she had married another, and from then on, laughter had disappeared from his life. Maria stops visiting Abhay s clinic, and he begins to miss her. She comes to his clinic again to give him her wedding card. Abhay is dejected, so declines from attending her wedding. She then invites him for the dress rehearsal. Is Abhay going to muster the courage to attend it? Will his feelings for Maria ever be known to her?

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