Aank Micholi
Jeeya Jaaye Naa

Jo Kaha Na Jaye

  • May 22, 2014
  • Series
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Jo Kaha Na Jaye is a story about Paul (Jiten Lalwani) who falls in love with Sherry, but is unable to express his feelings. Sherry works at a music store and Paul visits the store regularly under some excuse or the other. Being shy in nature, Paul is never able to convey his feelings to her. Sherry too likes Paul and tries to express it through notes hidden in the CDs that he purchases. Paul is not a music lover; hence he fails to see the notes. One day, Sherry snaps at Paul when he again fails to speak his heart out. Paul stops visiting the store. Sherry begins to miss him and goes to his house to meet him. But Sherry is shocked when Paul s mother tells her that he is getting engaged the next day. During the engagement party, when Paul s friends insist on hearing some music, Paul accidentally plays a tape which has Sherry s confession of love for him. Paul is shocked. What would be Paul s decision now?

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