Kuch Pal

Jhoota Sach

  • July 03, 2014
  • Series
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Parul (Sangeeta Ghosh) is a doctor and Surender (Varun Badole) visits her as a patient. Parul tells him that nothing s wrong. She is surprised to see that he is the boy whom she is going to marry. They begin to court before their engagement. Meanwhile, Surender s mother is adamant about matching Parul s horoscope with her son s but Parul s father tells her that Parul was an orphan when they brought her home. Surender s mother is aghast and asks Surender to call off the marriage. Parul s mother, Ranjana (Nandita Thakur) is upset with her husband for letting the truth out because Parul means the world to her. Will Parul accept her foster parents as her own?

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