Jo Kaha Na Jaye
Kya khoya kya paaya

Jeeya Jaaye Naa

  • May 23, 2014
  • Series
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Jeeya Jaaye Naa is about Ganga, a mother, (Sulbha Deshpande) who yearns for her son s release from jail. She is sure that her son, Ram, has not committed the murder. So, one day, Ganga puts an advertisement stating that her son is innocent, and anyone helping her would be rewarded Rs. 100,00/- Vijay, a reporter, visits Ganga. She informs Vijay that Ram is innocent and that Ratna, Ram s wife, had taken her son, Krishna, away to her mother s place. Ram narrates to Vijay in jail the chain of events that led him to being held responsible for the murder committed by Lankesh, a man at the club. Vijay befriends Lankesh and takes him to Ganga. Seeing the firm belief of a mother about her son s innocence, he surrenders and pleads guilty. Ram gets released. Ganga pays Vijay the reward money but he refuses. Ratna and Krishna return to Ram. Things take a turn for the worse when Ganga, being an asthmatic, keeps coughing all night, and Krishna tends to her. Ram s wife gets disturbed and irritated, so she orders Ram to send Ganga away. Ram asks Ganga to get admitted at the Home for the Aged. A shattered Ganga asks for her shawl before leaving but is shocked to see it torn into half by Krishna. Why has Krishna done that?

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