Top floor se ground floor tak

Izzat ka Falooda

  • May 07, 2014
  • Series
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Pappu Pardesi (Dilip Joshi) is a dreaded gangster who gets paid to kill people. However, there are certain principles he adheres to, and he does not spare anyone who messes with his honour. His men and he are worried about their business dwindling because of Pappu s principles. One day, Rakesh (Amit Behl) visits Pappu and gives him money to get his wife killed. Seema (Ashwini Pande) also visits him and gives him money to get someone killed. Pappu delegates the job to two of his men but they return to inform him that Rakesh and Seema are a couple! A distressed Pappu decides to talk to them separately and solve the matter. But Rakesh and Seema refuse to reveal any personal details and warn him to just kill. Pappu s man, Chikna (Jatin Sial), volunteers to kill Rakesh and Seema so that Pappu s principles remain intact. Pappu gets furious and warns Chikna not to accompany him on field anymore. Pappu s men decide that it s time to rebel. Meanwhile, Pappu has yet another meeting with Rakesh and Seema separately. Each of them confides to him the problem with their spouse. Pappu falls into a bigger dilemma when he learns that Seema is pregnant. Left with no choice, he calls Seema and Rakesh together and asks them to shoot each other. Will they kill each other and keep Pappu s honour intact?

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