Aank Micholi


  • May 20, 2014
  • Series
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Intezaar is a heart wrenching story about a dying man Mr. Kaul (Ravindra Mankani) whose last wish is to meet his son Arjun who works for the Army. An army officer comes to his bedside. Kaul assumes the officer to be his son Arjun and apologises to him for being a bad father. Kaul recalls how his wife had left him because she was not willing to adjust with his low income. But young Arjun had assumed that he had driven his mother out of the house. So Arjun hated his father and always disrespected him. Soon thereafter, Kaul breathes his last. The doctor at the hospital is shocked when the officer tells him that he is not Kaul s son, but a colleague with the same name. He came on behalf of Arjun because Arjun was ungrateful and refused to come to meet his dying father.

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