Sirf Tum
Sirf Tum
Ankahe Ehsaas


  • July 21, 2014
  • Series
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Keerti has been shown Avinash s (Akash Anand) photograph for marriage. Her outgoing and modern friend Shikha (Reena Kapoor) suggests that she test him first before taking the plunge. So Keerti, a simple and homely girl turns into Shikha, a straightforward, modern girl and goes to meet Avinash. They begin to court regularly and Avinash proposes marriage to Keerti. He asks her to spend 2 nights with him on his birthday and Keerti doesn’t want to disappoint him. He spikes her drink and when Keerti wakes up, she is horrified to hear from Avinash about what happened the previous night. Avinash then starts avoiding her completely. Keerti is heartbroken. Is Keerti going to pay a heavy price for the rest of her life because of one mistake?

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