Ek tha Anshu….
Kisko Pata Tha…


  • July 13, 2014
  • Series
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Rahul s father (Satyen Kappu) is always in an irritable mood. He snaps at his son and daughter-in-law Sapna (Mahroo Sheikh) for everything. Rahul consults his friend and psychiatrist Vinod who suggests that they get his father a companion because this attitude change has resulted after his wife’s death. And so they employ a housekeeper, Savitri, (Sulbha Arya) in their house. Resistant initially, the father slowly realises that Savitri is a welcome change in his life. They begin to enjoy each other s company, and soon, there s a remarkable change in the father s temperament. A grouchy man turns into an amicable person. However, one day, Savitri tells Sapna that she will leave because she has actually fallen in love with her father-in-law. Sapna and Rahul decide to play a prank to make the father confess his feelings for Savitri. Are they going to succeed in their mission?

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