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Grace and Glory

  • June 02, 2014
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Grace and Glory is a story which teaches us how positive attitude can make us look at a brighter side of life, inspite of the biggest of sorrows. Simran (Pamela Mukherjee) is a young handicapped painter who is confined to her wheelchair. She is very pessimistic and full of self pity. She has a pen friend named Grace (Suhas Joshi) who is an elder widow and also a painter. After years of communication through letters, Grace invites Simran to stay at her place for a week. She sends Tina (Niki Aneja) to pick her up. Right from the beginning, Simran dislikes Tina and always questions her identity. Grace is a fun loving lady who loves to enjoy every bit of her life. Grace is very hospitable towards Simran and entertains her as much as she can. At the end of the stay, Simran learns that Grace has cancer and she won t be living for long and that Tina is a member of the Make A Wish foundation and she had lost her fiance due to brain tumor.

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