Badalte Rishtey
Bargad ki Chhaon


  • July 07, 2014
  • Series
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Zehra is very indifferent to her two younger children Aseem and Sabah but when it concerns her elder son, Zayed, she is very possessive. Her husband s (Dilip Dhawan) nephew, Aftab comes to stay with them for his engineering admission. Aftab instantly forms a bond with Aseem and Sabah but Zehra is very cold to him. Aftab takes the kids to the beach and for a film, and when they return late, their father slaps him. The next day, he tells Aftab that Zayed had got drowned on the festival of Eid 2 years back. But Zehra still believes Zayed will return. Aftab tells everyone to keep Zayed s memories alive but to not stop living. However, when Zehra sees Eid celebrations on in her house, she is furious with Aftab and the others. Will Aftab be able to convince Zehra to stop mourning for Zayed and continue to live life?

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