Ek boond aasmaan
Saayon ke Pare

Dil hi toh hai

  • August 05, 2014
  • Series
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Rajiv-Parineeta and Akash-Deepti are two couples who live as tenants in Mona Kapoor s (Rita Bhaduri) bungalow. Rajiv is interested in garment manufacturing, while Parineeta loves classical music. But her singing drives Rajiv crazy. On the other hand, Akash loves music, whereas Deepti wants to open a clothes boutique someday. This similarity of likes and dislikes ends up in Rajiv-Deepti and Akash-Parineeta forging a close bond. And thus begins an infatuation which continues till they are caught red-handed by their spouses. Will their marriages last, or will they swap partners and go their separate ways?

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