Dashrath ka Vanwaas

  • August 30, 2014
  • Series
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Babun (Anup Soni) always longed for the love of his father Suraj (Mohan Joshi) but Suraj only inflicted miseries on him. Fed up with his father s atrocities, Babun goes to live with his paternal uncle, Ishwar (Benjamin Gilani). Suraj is now old and ailing. Ishwar keeps pleading Babun to go and meet his father just once. However, painful memories of his childhood keep haunting Babun and he never relents. Even his wife Sudha (Gautami Gadgil) is not able to convince him. One day, Ishwar phones Babun to inform him that his father has had a heart attack. Will Babun have a change of heart at least now? Will he be willing to forgive and forget?

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