Daisy – The Dog

  • July 31, 2014
  • Series
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V.V. Kamat (Akash Khurana) is a retired, introverted bachelor who becomes the new neighbour of Arundhati (Bhakti Barve Inmadar), a vivacious and friendly lady and who also lives alone. His only companion is his dog Daisy. Arundhati goes out of her way to befriend him and his dog. Daisy gives in to her charms easily but Kamat gets irritated with Arundhati s kindness. One day, the carpenter mistakenly interchanges their doors after repairing. When Kamat returns with Daisy from a long walk, he wonders why his door is not opening. He then tries the key to Arundhati s house, and when he walks into her house, he gets the shock of his life. What does Kamat see in her house that knocks him out of his senses?

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