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Bugs Bunny

  • June 12, 2014
  • Series
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Bugs Bunny is a very touching story about a young guy Bunny (Vishal Malhotra) who is the hospital since 6 months. Bunny is suffering from gangrene so he is very miserable and pessimistic. Sister Mamta (Meghna Malik) and Dr.Chandru (Shishir Sharma) take good care of him. One day a new patient named Bugs (Hussain) is admitted in Bunny s room. Bugs is full of life. He is very funny, positive and energetic. Initially Bunny is irritated by Bugs presence and his silly jokes. But gradually Bugs wins his heart and they become best buddies. Bunny and Bugs once see a pretty girl come to the hospital who gives a sweet smile to Bunny and he falls for her. Even after the girl gets discharged, Bugs creates situations where Bunny begins to feel that she is reciprocating to his feelings. Later when he comes to know the facts, he gets really annoyed with Bugs. That s when Sister Mamta and Dr.Chandru explain to Bunny that Bugs had done all that only to change his outlook towards life. They also tell him that Bugs is suffering from brain tumor and it is not sure weather he will survive the operation. Bunny is shattered. Will Bugs win over death and get back to his fun loving self?

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