Baat ek Raat ki

Bargad ki Chhaon

  • July 08, 2014
  • Series
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Anant (Anoop Soni), a doctor, dotes on his daughter Kannu (Mansi Joshi Roy) but his wife Shree detests her. One day, fed up with Shree s constant jibes about him and his daughter, he shoots himself. After Anant s death, Shree realises her folly and tries to mend bridges between her and Kannu. Kannu fulfils her dad s last wish and grows up to be a doctor. Shree gives her Anant s last letter in which he mentions about Sabah (Mansi Joshi Roy), a simple and na ve girl who had entered his life like a breath of fresh air. Distance had grown between Anant and Shree because she was unable to conceive, and Sabah begins to pervade his senses. One night, passion gets the better of Anant and Sabah. Anant learns later that Sabah is pregnant with his child. Who is this child? And how does Shree react when she hears about this?

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