• June 09, 2014
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Bandhan is a story about Tanya (Eva Grover) who is a twenty year old girl, when her mother Anita (Smita Jaykar) announces that she is pregnant. Tanya does not mind that she would have a brother who is twenty years younger to her. The child is born in London and is named Manav. When he is about 4 years old, Tanya s marriage is fixed with a lecturer Rahul (Vaqar). Rahul and his parents are so attached to Manav that Rahul s mother asks Tanya to bring Manav to her marital home after marriage. Manav grows up at Tanya s place. Tanya gives birth to a daughter Rishika who considers Manav an uncle cum brother. Manav even looks after Rahul s business. One day on the occasion of `Raksha Bandhan , Tanya goes to meet a mysterious lady. On questioning her, Tanya confesses the fact to Manav, that he is not her brother, but her son. Actually she was in love with an air force officer during her college life. But before she could marry him, he became a martyr. She was also pregnant from him and was unwilling to abort the child. So her parents adopted this method to bring the child into the world and not ruin Tanya s reputation. Will the newly revealed fact change the relations?

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