Bargad ki Chhaon
Subah ki Dhoop

Baat ek Raat ki

  • July 09, 2014
  • Series
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Samarth (Harsh Chaya) is such a workaholic that he s in office till late even a day before his wedding. Unfortunately, the office peon, assuming that everyone has left for the day, locks him and his secretary, Kavita (Nivedita Bhattacharya). Thus, they are forced to spend time together until their colleague comes to their rescue. Kavita asks Samarth to use this time doing something else other than work. Finally, Mr. Mathur arrives and Samarth offers to reach Kavita by car but his car breaks down. They walk in the rain to her house. She tells him that she would marry only for love and could never dream of getting married the way he is only for business reasons. Samarth returns home but is unable to get Kavita off his mind. He goes to his fianc e, Reena s house to tell her that they are not suited for each other. Is Samarth going to go back to Kavita and confess his feelings for her?

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