Kuch Kuch Dil Mein
Ward No. 6


  • June 25, 2014
  • Series
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The story Baadal is about a woman with a psychiatric problem. Kevin D Souza (Rajiv Paul) is a young man who loves nature. His father (Shakti Singh) owns a gym and a club house, but Kevin still loves to jog in the open space. On one such jogging trip, he meets a strange woman named Rachna (Pallavi Joshi) who starts calling him Manu. She begins to talk to Kevin as if she knows him since years. Kevin is nonplussed but plays along. This becomes an everyday affair. Gradually her childish behaviour begins to bother Kevin. He meets Rachana s parents (Harjeet Walia and Kanika Shivpuri) and they tell him the story of her life. She had lost her childhood love in an accident but was unable to accept the truth and began to live in an imaginary world. Hearing all this, Kevin stops meeting her. After about 6 months, a rich man (Deepan Vartak) comes to Kevin s clubhouse with his wife. And the wife turns out to be Rachana herself. On seeing Kevin, Rachana again goes into the imaginary world and loses control over her emotions. Her psychiatrist (Deepak Qazir) comes out with a solution to cure her. He asks Kevin to enact as Manu and pretend to die in an accident in the same way as the real Manu did. Is Kevin willing to help after all the distress he had to go through?!

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